im gonna be cool now
Dear Diary,

Along 4 days,i kept "hafal" agama lesson.It makes me bored!It makes me feel tired.enough for me to "hafal" all of that.now,im trying to "hafal" bahasa arab.yeah!that's language of arabian one!oh my canon!i dont know how to memorize all of this.i know i can't be such my friend.yeah!my friend had a good memoriez than me.sometimes i feel jealous with these people.they have enough memory to kept all things in their mind.by the way,im so lucky to get all my genius friend.fullstop!im gonna get rest now!

                                                                      bye-bye dear diary.
                                                                                                                          Nur Aqilah Najwa Samlan

nur aqilah najwa,15(2012),rawang,selangor.
don't worry about what other think.people are always negative,dont let it bother you

Allah s.w.t,Nabi Muhammad S,A,W,samlan mohamed shariff <3 hanizah hashim. nur aqilah nazurah,nur aqilah syahirah,nur aqilah athirah,nur aqilah syafinaz,nur aqilah afrina,farah syafinaz naziruddin,alin amila mohd azri,nurul izzati,muhammad fitri azizi hairuddin,abdur rahman suhaimi, azrul latif,muhammad amirul hafiz norazizi.

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