all about them.
Dear Diary,

Today,i will tell you about my lovely people not include my family lah.

so,let me talk  one by one.

firstly i wanna talk about mior.mior?who is mior?the story begins here.im happy since we're friend.i dont know how my feeling was like this.myb because the way we comunicate each other.truthly i feel so happy since we re friend.every day i will wait for the time to talk with him.i feel like...you know like i've feeling to this guy!hopefully not more than friend.but i cant lie myself!i wish that this guy dont know how my feeling was.and i hope my little bro dont tell the truth that i was fall in love with this guy!im so worried that one time my little bro will tell the truth to this 18 boy!i dont know how his face like was.my brother said that he doest had a good face so,he afraid that i dont wanna friend with him anymore.im not like that,okey!know me,then u can judge me!if u dont know me,just zippppp your lips!dont make any assumption okey!know me first!

secondly im gonna tell u about my brother.yezzzaaa!Abdur Rahman Suhaimi.the only one my lovely brother.i meet him since im at 12 years old.he's one of my  ex bf 's friend.so,i recognize him from my bf lah.from there,he became my enamy.start with this story...usually he will incited me to 
"disconnect" my relationship with my bf.myb he had a  strong resaon.till now i dont know why he became like that.
and now........i "disconnect" my relationship with my ex-bf.alah!amirul hafiz norazizi lah ken..

Thirdly, im gonna tell u about my spongebob!hahaha....muhammad fitri azizi hairuddin larh!my feeling to this boy 
became lest everyday.myb because i've got my new friend.mior lah weyh!

Okey...till here i wrote.im so tired to write long story.we'll meet again in all about them part2.okey,bye-bye my 
unprivate diary.i hope u sleep soundly!haha....its mean that u're so tired.okey,bye2..assalamualaikum.

                                                                                                                            Nur Aqilah Najwa Samlan

nur aqilah najwa,15(2012),rawang,selangor.
don't worry about what other think.people are always negative,dont let it bother you

Allah s.w.t,Nabi Muhammad S,A,W,samlan mohamed shariff <3 hanizah hashim. nur aqilah nazurah,nur aqilah syahirah,nur aqilah athirah,nur aqilah syafinaz,nur aqilah afrina,farah syafinaz naziruddin,alin amila mohd azri,nurul izzati,muhammad fitri azizi hairuddin,abdur rahman suhaimi, azrul latif,muhammad amirul hafiz norazizi.

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