my pic with lovly teddy?!
she's getting crazy once she got her lovely teddy.she?who?hahaha..that's me!there's some pic to see.bye2..i want to pack my clothes.see you later,peps...i leave u all with my pic?!please,if u hate this pic,please go back to your google's home ok?!:P

nur aqilah najwa,15(2012),rawang,selangor.
don't worry about what other think.people are always negative,dont let it bother you

Allah s.w.t,Nabi Muhammad S,A,W,samlan mohamed shariff <3 hanizah hashim. nur aqilah nazurah,nur aqilah syahirah,nur aqilah athirah,nur aqilah syafinaz,nur aqilah afrina,farah syafinaz naziruddin,alin amila mohd azri,nurul izzati,muhammad fitri azizi hairuddin,abdur rahman suhaimi, azrul latif,muhammad amirul hafiz norazizi.

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