i can't smile without u!
I CAN ALWAYS MAKE YOU SMILE.are you sure you always can make me smile?wow!that's rellay good.i respect your word!for sure,every day u will make me happy not sad.today i got one message from u!i felt so proud because i thought u forget me.the truly is u always make me happy.i'll happy if u make me laugh.u know what,dear?if any massage come in my phone,no other i can think about except you!but,sometimes...i'll sad if the massage not come from u.hehe..but,instead.i means the message some from the other people like my"foster brother".my the other lovely people such as my friends or anyway who is massanging me.i'll reply all thier message except if i don't have any credit!hehe..my family not come from a rich family.that's why i can't reply my friends's message if i did't have any credit.i hope all my masangger will understand my situation.oh my god!what i'm trying to write about?along the post,i only use 1 languange.i don't think my blog's reader will understand what i'm trying to write because i know my english writting was bad!hahaha...but,i still willful.hahaha

nur aqilah najwa,15(2012),rawang,selangor.
don't worry about what other think.people are always negative,dont let it bother you

Allah s.w.t,Nabi Muhammad S,A,W,samlan mohamed shariff <3 hanizah hashim. nur aqilah nazurah,nur aqilah syahirah,nur aqilah athirah,nur aqilah syafinaz,nur aqilah afrina,farah syafinaz naziruddin,alin amila mohd azri,nurul izzati,muhammad fitri azizi hairuddin,abdur rahman suhaimi, azrul latif,muhammad amirul hafiz norazizi.

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