i'm exited to see that girl!
hehe..today,i'll see my best friends!ops~!my ex-bff!hehehe....wait!i'll tell about this blog.this is my third blog!.just read my story la.hehehe..sorry..sini xde shoutbox.this is my private blog!so,jgn ngade2 kat sini okeyh?!

nur aqilah najwa,15(2012),rawang,selangor.
don't worry about what other think.people are always negative,dont let it bother you

Allah s.w.t,Nabi Muhammad S,A,W,samlan mohamed shariff <3 hanizah hashim. nur aqilah nazurah,nur aqilah syahirah,nur aqilah athirah,nur aqilah syafinaz,nur aqilah afrina,farah syafinaz naziruddin,alin amila mohd azri,nurul izzati,muhammad fitri azizi hairuddin,abdur rahman suhaimi, azrul latif,muhammad amirul hafiz norazizi.

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